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As your chimney repair Brantford contractor, we also provide a full range of other services related to chimneys. The fireplace is a preferred luxury in many homes, but if you are not paying attention to the safety and cleanliness of your chimney, then you can be putting your family and home at risk. You can avoid this through regular chimney cleaning. If you have ever found yourself thinking why you want to have your chimney cleaned, then let us explain.

Top Reasons why you should Conduct A Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

  • It Can Build a Backdraft of Smoke– The next time you light a fire in your chimney, try to see if any smoke is returning out of the fireplace. If so, then it is time to contact a chimney cleaning inspector to clean your chimney as it’s possible you have a huge deposit of creosote building up along the interior of the chimney. This is particularly ordinary with fireplaces that use wood, so be sure to give us a call if your chimney is not properly circulating air like it used to.

  • What’s more important is if you see a strong smoky smell, then that is an indication that the chimney has a creosote buildup as well as a possible negative air pressure trouble in the home. Keep in mind that smoke back drafts could also be caused by poor construction of the chimney, most commonly because of insufficient height or inaccurate ratios of outlet to firebox opening size. Ensure that only a skilled professional analysis the problem of your chimney as this may lead to chimney leaks or further damages in the future.

  • Dirty Chimneys are Prone to Fire- There is no denying that a grimy chimney is prone to fire. A chimney that has not been cleaned can build up a lot of deposits or residue called creosote that is made up of unburned hydrocarbons from the partial combustion of solid fuel. Creosote is not just very flammable, but it is also the main cause of home fires every year.

  • In order to keep you as well as your family safe, ensure that your chimney is professionally inspected as well as cleaned on a frequent basis by a reliable chimney cleaning company that has a long history of happy and satisfied clients. As a general rule of thumb, chimney cleaning must be done at least once a year. On the other hand, when you have a wood-burning fireplace or a woodstove, you must schedule a cleaning more frequently with an expert chimney inspector. Ideally, chimney cleanings should be scheduled at the start and end of the winter season.

When you are set to have your chimney repaired and cleaned, make sure that your technician is professional, knowledgeable as well as capable of diagnosing and servicing your stove or chimney.

Proper chimney cleaning will keep the integrity as well as the working reliability of your chimney and what is more, you are also increasing the likelihood of safety from a possible fire that can ruin your property.

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