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Your chimney is an important part of your home. It functions to keep you and your family cozy during cooler months and carries combustion away, into the atmosphere. But over time, chimneys sustain structural damage.

Chimney damage can be caused by any of the following:

  • Water gets into the chimney through tiny and big cracks
  • Strong winds slowly erode the bricks
  • Poor construction by inexperienced fireplace contractors
  • Use of low-quality materials
  • Natural disasters such as fires, lightning strike, etc.
  • A lack of cleaning that leads to the buildup of creosote
  • Increasing chimney age
  • No fireplace inspection and maintenance was done
  • Cracks in the chimney flashing material
  • Damaged roofing material around the chimney


Straight Arrow Roofing specializes in fireplace restoration. Our years of experience allows us to resolve all kinds of chimney problems. Brantford homeowners continue to choose our fireplace repair services that restore the appearance and function of their chimneys in a timely manner.

Our first step is to conduct a chimney inspection to identify the presence of damage. We check all parts of your chimney – flashing, cap, liner, flue, crown, and more. A complete chimney inspection allows us to fix all issues.

Straight Arrow Roofing’s chimney repair contractors in Brantford look for the following:

  • Cracked and worn out mortar joints – We do the process of repointing to make your chimney structure durable once more.
  • Cracked chimney crown – The chimney crown protects the chimney. Our fireplace contractors will fill out visible cracks or make a new masonry crown.
  • Loose or corroded flashing material – Faulty chimney flashing is a common entry point of water. We seal the flashing to the brick with cement or replace severely corroded flashing.
  • Spalling brickwork – “Spalling” means that moisture has penetrated the brickwork which led to crumbling. Our fireplace service repair depends on the stage of the problem.

Contact us today if you suspect existing chimney problems. We’ll do a thorough fireplace inspection right away.


When you are ready to get a fireplace restoration, always choose a licensed, insured, and experienced professional. That way, your chimney problems can be diagnosed properly. Straight Arrow Roofing is here to make sure that your Brantford chimney repair turns out successful.

Start your chimney repair project today with the help of expert fireplace contractors. Hire Straight Arrow Roofing for your chimney repair needs. We also service the following areas aside from Brantford:

  • Hamilton
  • Cambridge

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