How to Install a Skylight on a Shingle Roof in Brantford ON

open skylight unit on brown shingle roof surface

Skylights for your Brantford ON home offer many advantages.

Skylights on roofs are a sight to behold. They don’t just add appeal to homes in Brantford ON, but they also serve many functions. If you are thinking of getting skylights, then you definitely need a guide to make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Today, Straight Arrow Roofing will show you the steps on how to install a skylight on a shingle roof. The purpose of educating you on this matter is to help you be aware of what goes into the process, especially if you’ll be vetting prospective roofing contractors.

This blog post will discuss the following topics on skylight installation:

  • Ways skylights add value to your home
  • The usual cost of installing skylights
  • How to install a skylight on a shingle roof

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top Benefits of Installing Skylights (How They Add Value to Your Home)

Since you’re curious about how to install a skylight on a shingle roof, most likely you’re wondering how a skylight benefits you. Skylights make your home a better place to live in by doing the following:

1. Provide daily sun exposure

It’s no secret that ample sunlight on a daily basis maintains our health and wellness. With skylights, you no longer need to go outside to receive natural light. You’ll be able to do so while you’re cooking or having a cup of coffee in your living room.

2. Cut down your lighting costs

modern room lit by fixed skylights

As you can see, skylights are capable of bringing natural light to a dark room. This function means that you no longer need to turn on the lights during the day.

Some areas of a house lack windows and because of that, a homeowner will have to rely on artificial lighting to be able to work. Imagine the costs of having to turn on the lights during the day all year round. Skylights brighten dark rooms so people can save electricity.

3. Disinfect rooms naturally

One of the most amazing facts about the sun is that it kills mold spores. Installing a skylight on a shingle roof, specifically above dark and moist rooms, prevents and treats household mold. Consider lighting up bathrooms with skylights since these areas are prone to condensation.

Skylight Installation Costs

Before we proceed with the steps on how to install a skylight on a shingle roof, let’s figure out the expenses. Previously, we discussed the typical costs of installing home skylights. There, we mentioned that a skylight installation project costs around $700 to $3,000, with the average cost being $1,789. The cheapest labor charges start at $500.

Do take note that these costs are only estimates. Different factors dictate the actual final cost of installing roof skylights. Here are some of them:

  • Skylight type – Homeowners have their own skylight preferences. Some choose tempered glass while others go for laminated. People also have specific shapes in mind — square, dome, pyramid, and more.
  • Special additions or treatments – Installation costs increase if you want your skylights to have light filtering blinds. Sunlight can be blinding at certain times of the day, which is why homeowners consider these additional features.
  • The complexity of the job – The steeper the roof, the more expensive the job is going to be. Roofing contractors need to use special equipment and take extra care to prevent accidents while getting the job right. Mastering how to install skylights on low slope roof is going to be easier than steep slope roofing.
one skylight unit on an orange shingle roof

The steeper the shingle roof, the more complicated and expensive the skylight installation job is going to be.

Steps on How to Install a Skylight on a Shingle Roof

Before we proceed, please keep in mind that installing a skylight is no task for homeowners. Some people try to save money by going the DIY route. They simply type into Google search “how to install a skylight youtube” and hope that the tutorial video provides all the details they need.

Only licensed Brantford ON roofing contractors can perform the project successfully on the first attempt. Save money, time and effort by hiring the pros.

The steps below are meant to inform you about the general process. Also, keep in mind that some skylights require different installation techniques. Read on.

Step 1: Determine the roof pitch.

Assuming that you already planned the project with a contractor and that all the materials are ready, your contractor will proceed with calculating the roof pitch. Various skylights have recommended roof pitches to promote stability and maintain their performance.

Step 2: Mark the specific area where you want the skylight installed and cut through the ceiling.

Your contractor goes inside your house to mark the ceiling for the skylight. Next, he will saw to saw through the plywood. If there are obstructions, for example, insulation, the contractor must remove them. Your roofer will also have to cut through the rafter is he needs to. After drilling the locator hole from the inside, he would go up the roof to cut an opening.

Step 3: Frame the skylight opening.

Framing the opening is an important process of how to install a skylight on a shingle roof. Contractors pay close attention to skylight framing detail to ensure that it follows local building codes.

Your roofer will also install sheathing before the skylight. This important material prevents the skylight unit from leaking. We want to prevent leaks from happening right from the start, which is why a quality installation matters.

Step 4: Install the skylight as well as the flashing.

man using tool to install skylight

A contractor secures the skylight in place.

After your roofer frames the opening, he’ll be ready to install the unit. He will secure the skylight to your shingle roof using screws or nails. Flashing pieces are also installed around the skylight unit to further protect it from leaks. Counterflashing is also applied.

Step 5: Do a final inspection.

Let’s say that your skylight installation project has been completed. Your roofer now inspects the finished job to make sure that everything is in place. It’s also important that contractors clean the surroundings (get rid of the debris) before they leave. Here at Straight Arrow Roofing, we don’t leave unless you are satisfied with our work.

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Choose a Trusted Roofing Company to Install Your Skylights

After learning all you need to about how to install a skylight on a shingle roof, would you consider this home project? We hope you do, as skylights improve your home in many ways. Skylights boost your health by delivering natural sunlight. They reduce mold and lower your energy bills.

What do you say?

When you’re ready to have skylights for your Brantford ON home, we’ll be here for you. Straight Arrow Roofing is a licensed roofing company you can rely on. We offer skylight installation and repair services. Call us today at 289-203-3708 and learn more about our processes, manufacturers, and warranties!


How Much Does It Cost to Install Skylights? A Brantford Homeowner’s Guide

Thinking about installing skylights into your home in Brantford ON? If so, one of the questions you ask is this: how much does it cost to install skylights? While skylights are a beautiful feature, you should definitely consider the costs. That way, you can plan to save, or maybe consider financing to be able to have high-quality skylights.

view showing a skylight installation process

Skylight installation costs will depend on various factors.

In today’s guide, Straight Arrow Roofing will talk about three topics:

  • The typical cost to install a skylight
  • Factors affecting the cost of installation
  • Considerations when adding skylights to your home

How Much Does It Cost to Install Skylights?

Before proceeding, note that we based our information regarding the costs and cost determinants on HomeAdvisor and

It has been reported that homeowners in the US spend about $700 to $3,000 to install a new skylight. The average cost is at $1,789. Labor charges will start at $500.

But again, please take note that these numbers may vary according to several factors involved in the skylight installation project. We’ll explore common ones below.

Factors That Affect Skylight Installation Cost

1. Type of skylight

How much does it cost to install skylights? Before anything else, know that there are plenty of skylight options to choose from. When selecting a skylight, you’ll also have to consider the shape, positioning, and more.

The cheapest of all is a fixed skylight. While being economical, a fixed skylight can fill a dark room with natural light. A brand new one definitely costs more than a replacement skylight.

Other skylight choices include tubular skylights, ventilated skylights, and solar powered skylights. Solar powered skylights are a premium option since they utilize a power source that automatically closes the units in the event of a bad weather. Cool, isn’t it?

2. Type of roofing material

metal roof tiles in different colors

Installing a skylight into a metal or tile roof is complex. Roofing contractors may charge more.

Another factor to consider to answer how much does it cost to install skylights is the type of roof you have. Roofing contractors, in general, find the job easier to do with a shingle roof. Working with a metal roof or a tile roof is a more complex process.

That said, you’d normally expect to pay more. If you’re wondering whether skylights are also applicable to flat roofs, the answer is yes.

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3. Addition of shades and blinds

While skylights provide natural light and ventilation, sometimes too much light can enter a room and cause glare. Because of this drawback, a homeowner may opt to add filtering skylight shades or blinds. This definitely adds up to the costs of installation. Blinds will cost you up to $400 (or more).

If you’re interested in some filtering blinds that come in beautiful colors, we’ll order for you from our trusted manufacturer – VELUX.

4. Type of glass used

Various types of glass used will also help you answer how much does it cost to install skylights. If you want the best glass that reduces your need for cleaning (because it doesn’t cause water spots), do avoid ordinary glass.

An ordinary glass may be cheap but over time, it will cost you more. Imagine having to replace a skylight again and again due to the fragile material. Choose a glass that keeps noise out, requires less cleaning, and keeps daylight to comfortable levels.

5. Number of the skylights

dim staircase illuminated by skylight

One skylight unit is enough to light up a small space.

How many skylights should you install? The number of skylights will actually depend on the size of a room. A larger room needs more skylights to ensure ample lighting. A small bathroom can have one skylight which involves less cost.

A lot of times, homeowners need more than one unit to illuminate bigger spaces like kitchens and living rooms. Now here’s a technique that’ll help you save when installing multiple skylight units. Place the skylights in one row. That way, only a single shaft is required, and this lowers the cost of labor.

Considerations Prior to the Skylight Installation Process

Hopefully, we gave you a good idea on how much does it cost to install skylights. For this part, let’s discuss 3 important things you should know. Think about these aspects before proceeding to work so that your project will turn out to be a success.

1. Where to install a skylight

Location is of the most important considerations. Where would you place skylight units? Here are 3 options:

  • Bathrooms – Natural light and ventilation from a skylight help inhibit the growth of mold. A skylight also offers privacy while you enjoy natural light.
  • Home office – Boost your mood and productivity by having skylights in your office.
  • Kitchen – Skylights to illuminate your kitchen make an awesome feature. Ventilation type skylights remove stale air.

2. The optimal time to install skylights

Aside from knowing how much does it cost to install skylights, know the best time to install them. When is that, exactly? The best time is when you are to replace your roof.

During the tear-off process, brand new skylights can be incorporated. When the time comes that you need to replace the roof, you can have the skylight replaced as well. Doing this ensures fewer roofing problems as everything is brand new.

light brown tile roof that’s partially installed

Install a new skylight during a roof replacement or installation to make everything brand new.

Also, we mentioned previously that replacing a skylight is also cheaper than installing a new skylight into an existing roofing material.

3. Your choice of roofing contractor

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the right roofing contractor. Not all contractors are alike. Some have all the qualifications and a vast experience to ensure that proper installation procedures are followed. Other contractors may not have a proven track record.

Hire a contractor that’s licensed, insured, and certified to install skylights. Your contractor should be based in Brantford ON and must have a physical address. That way, you can reach them should you need a skylight repair or replacement in the future.

Ready to Install Skylights?

The costs of installing a skylight will range from $700 to $3,000 but remember that this will still change. Recall determining factors such as the type of skylight, roofing material, glass, the addition of blinds, and the number of skylights.

At the end of the day, a qualified local professional will give you the best value for your money. You may pay more but experience long-term savings, rather than go for cheaper alternatives but suffer an early replacement (or injuries – as with skylights that easily break and harm people in the room).

Straight Arrow Roofing is a roofing contractor based in Brantford ON. We will install or replace your skylights while putting your needs and budget in mind.

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